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Tennessee Waterfowlers to Get 60 Day Split Season   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Written by TWRA  
Saturday, 28 August 2004

Tennessee's waterfowl hunters can begin making plans for the coming duck and Canada goose season, now that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission has established the 2004-05 bag limits and season dates.

Duck hunters across the state will be able to hunt until late January and also enjoy two opening days with a split in hunting dates.

The duck season will be as long as allowed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service- 60 days-and the bag limit will be 6 birds per day, with one exception also the largest bag limit allowed by Wildlife Service.

"Hunters can take one female mallard per day," noted Steve Patrick, the manager of TWRA's Region II office. "With the mallard population down this year, the commission voted to reduce the number of females that hunters can kill from two birds to one." The overall duck limit, however, will remain at six with a daily bag that will allow in various combinations 4 mallards (one female allowed) 1 black duck, 2 wood ducks, 1 pintail (during last 30 days of season), 1 canvasback (also during last 30 days of season), 3 scaup, and 2 redheads.

Duck season for the largest segment of the Tennessee-designated by TWRA as "remainder of the state" --is set for Nov. 27-28 and Dec. 4 to Jan. 30. Duck season for the Reelfoot Zone in the northwest corner of the state is Nov. 13-14, and Dec. 4-Jan. 30.

Shooting hours for all waterfowl in both duck-hunting zones will be a half-hour before sunrise until sunset. The Youth waterfowl season (for sportsmen 15 or younger) is set for Feb. 5-6 statewide.

The commission also established Canada goose hunting seasons across the state. The daily bag limit for all hunting zones will be two. More information, including zone maps, will be included in the forthcoming Tennessee Waterfowl Hunting Guide. The guide will be available soon on this website and also in businesses where hunting licenses are sold.

Northwest MVP Zone: Dec. 4 - Feb. 13
Southwest MVP Zone: Oct. 2 - Oct. 10; Dec. 12 - Jan. 30
Kentucky-Barkley Lake Zone: Oct. 2 - Oct. 10; Dec. 12 - Jan. 30
Remainder of State: Oct. 2 - Oct. 10; Dec. 1 - Jan. 30

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